Monday, March 31, 2014

Five Favorites: How I Met Your Mother Edition

So, my beloved How I Met Your Mother ends... tonight. TONIGHT! Can you believe it? If you didn't read my blog last year, you missed how emotional I was about The Office ending. Well... this is no different. I'm really upset about it. What am I going to do now that it's over? What am I going to watch? How long will this episode live on my DVR? (Probably forever. Sorry, G$.)

Anyway, in honor of the finale tonight, I'm coming at you with all my favorites.

Five Favorite Episodes
The Bachelor Party 
"You just winked!" "No, I didn't!" *wink*
This is the first episode that we really get a glimpse of Barney Stinson, Nice Guy. You know Barney's spent his entire adult life Barney makes a real mess of Marshall's bachelor party, and Marshall threatens to dis-invite him from the wedding. Lily comes to Barney's defense, explaining to the group that Barney flew to San Francisco to convince Lily to come back to New York so she and Marshall can get back together.
How Your Mother Met Me.
"I like to believe in people. Besides, what are the chances we're both serial killers?"
I loved this episode.
Drumroll, Please
"A drum roll?! That's it? So what you just said good night, came home and performed a drum solo?"
Ted and Victoria meeting. Their almost kiss. Robin crying in the bathroom. Their actual kiss at the end. Perfection.
Something Borrowed
"It's for the bride!"
This is actually the first HIMYM episode I saw - it was a free download on iTunes or something, so I watched it one morning while I was waiting for one of my classes to start. I was instantly hooked. All the characters were so relatable and wonderful, and I knew immediately that this was a show I was going to love. Luckily, my friend Kelsey already had the first season on DVD, so I was able to catch up quickly.
Natural History
"Yeah, old stuff's great!"
In this episode, the characters see their past selves in museum exhibits. They realize that they're not the people they used to be - and that's okay. Great, even. We all need that lesson at some point in our lives.

Five Favorite Characters
Victoria. Still love her. I think she's adorable and charming and really good for Ted. If the mother wasn't actually The Mother, I would totally want Victoria to be the mother (which is cool, because apparently, if the show had ended after season 8, she would have been. That's why they brought her back).
Mickey Aldrin. I know he and Lily have had their issues, but I love the relationship that they have now. (And Chris Elliot is hilarious.)
The Blitz. Awwww, mannnnn. The Blitz addressed something we're all familiar with: FOMO, or Fear Of Missing Out. Also, I've loved Jorge Garcia since, well, forever.
Ranjit. Hellooooooooooo, he is the best. The end.
Patrice. I know, I know, no one asked me (LOL GET IT?), but there's just something about Patrice that is just HILARIOUS to me.

Five Favorite Jokes
The Slap Bet. I'm probably way more entertained by the slap bets than I should be, and I'm so glad that Marshall got in his last slap before the show ended.
Interventions. There are times where we want to do interventions on our friends, right?
Challenge Accepted. We should all go through life with Barney's outlook on challenges.
Lawyered. This one has made it into my vocabulary.
High Fives - specifically, Lily and Marshall's. I wish I was that in sync with anyone. Right?

Five Favorite Rules
You know how Barney always says "I only have ONE rule..." and then he says a different rule each time? These are my favorite rules:
Ask yourself, “What would Ted do?” Then do the opposite. This is pretty self explanatory, right?
Never order a “small” beer. I mean, it's boring. And probably not economical.
Black tie is never optional. You'll never regret dressing fancy, ever.
Never pass up a free sample. That's just common sense.
New is always better. Okay, this might not *always* be true. Sometimes, old is better. But SOMETIMES, new is definitely better. Okay, most of the time.

Five Favorite Predictions
Victoria is still actually The Mother. I know it's not going to happen. But WHAT IF she does the wedding cake, and Ted sees her there, and then they run off together? Don't rule it out, that's all I'm saying.
We find out that The Mother isn't dead like everyone is speculating. I'm not sure if you've heard all these 'The Mother Is Dead' theories, but I think they're ridiculous. I think that'd be way too dark for a show that's been so lighthearted and hilarious.
Lily finally makes Marshall Pay Up. Remember their bet about Ted and Robin ending up together? Hopefully at some point tonight they address that bet and Marshall finally pays her. I REALLY hope it doesn't end up with Marshall saying "not yet" again because if there is one more reference to Robin and Ted getting together again I will SERIOUSLY LOSE MY MIND. That would be the worst end to the series ever.
Ted's first interaction with The Mother will be incredibly weird. This isn't as much of a prediction as it is just a fact. Ted is the worst, and it wouldn't be surprising if he made a huge mess of this whole thing.
Ted's retelling the story because they're all super famous now and they're making a movie about Ted's life - that's why Bob Saget is narrating the story, instead of Ted. Okay, this one's probably pretty outlandish. BUT IT'D BE PRETTY COOL, RIGHT?


Meg Doherty said...

Oh boy - only an hour and a half out now! This was a fantastic post! My only other weird prediction is that Barney could be dead... my friend came up with this one. Old Ted always puts Barney up on a pedestal with these outlandish stories and how LEGENDARY he is. I know it's crazy haha!

Megan said...

LOVE this post!!

I read it yesterday morning and kept thinking about your predictions all the way to the end--especially the part where Marshall paid up! I may be the only person that was thrilled to see Robin and Ted make a go at it again!


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