Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Behind Closed Doors: A Link Up!

Dog Hair Is An Accessory
So some really cute girls decided to put together a link up where you get down and dirty, and spill the beans about what you do when no one else is looking.

And since I love talking about things that you're really not supposed to be talking about, I think this is basically the best thing ever.

So let's rock and roll.

People ask me if I'm nervous to live with him in August, and I usually respond with "no, it's cool. I already know all the things he does that get on my nerves." We've been together for about a year and a half, but we only get to spend one or two weeks together a month, so it's a weird dichotomy of "duh we're comfortable" and "we still try to stay on our best behavior cause we don't see each other that often."

At this point, though, I have to say we've gotten pretty comfortable. Not poop-in-front-of-each-other comfortable yet. But definitely pop-zits and tweeze-your-eyebrows comfortable. We text each other while we're in the bathroom sometimes, just to check in and make sure everything's coming out okay.

Also, if we're just peeing, we usually don't flush the toilet. I mean, who cares, right? Save water and stuff. I never thought much about it, but one night we were hanging out with some of Garrett's family, and we both needed to pee. Before I went in, I asked if he was going in next. He said he was, so I said "cool, I won't flush, then" and everyone around us was just going onnnn and onnnn about how weird it was. I mean, really? Of all the things couples do around each other, peeing on their pee is the weirdest? Get out of here.

And he totally farts in front of me. Like it's no big deal. He's courteous enough to go to a different room so it doesn't stink, but I hear them all the time. One night, we were lying in bed and he kept tossing and turning like a crazyperson. Finally I asked him what was wrong, and he says "I gotta fart and I can't cause I don't want to fart in bed with you but I can't sleep if I gotta fart, OKAY?"

I shot him a look that said ".....seriously? seriously." But really, who am I to get in between a man and his bodily functions, ESPECIALLY when they affect his sleep pattern. So now Garrett gets to fart in the bed, as long as I'm already sleeping and he knows I won't smell it, and all bets are off if it stinks so bad it wakes me up.

Are you guys judging us yet? We're charming and hilarious, I swear.

(Don't worry, he told me I could tell this story.)

The moral of this story is: if you ever come visit, I can promise that there will be lots of fun, lots of drinks and lots of laughs. 

Just don't be alarmed if there's pee in the toilet.


Ashley W said...

This is hilarious!!! I can only hope that my boyfriend and I will get to that point when we reach that year and a half mark! I do tweeze my eyebrows in front of him, but there are still so many things that I do to keep myself on my best behavior!!!

Another Clean Slate said...

This is great! My boyfriend always farts in the bed, but I trust him not to lift the covers. Amazing what we allow! :)

Adriana said...

you guys crack me up!

and yea Tom had one fart that was loud and I was like it's fine, we knew it would happen eventually. Now he farts about 30 times a day. I should have acted like I was super not ok with it. Now I'm doomed

Carly @ The Pinot Project said... Adriana, I am doomed to be subjected to my husband's farts forever. One day there was a fart that broke the ice and now its like he farts nonstop and doesn't ever leave the room. It smells so bad.

I laughed at the peeing on each other's pee....I have a weird thing about that. I don't know what it is, but I can never ever do that with anyone. Someone wrote a whole blog post about this, and I wish I could remember who it was!

Thanks for linking up!

Stevie C said...

This weekend, there were 5 of us sharing a bathroom. 3 of us have some pretty not so fun intestinal issues. We got comfortable FAST.


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