Thursday, September 26, 2013

42 days in, and we still like each other.

So, Garrett and I have been living together for just over a month now. And while it hasn't been all rainbows and sprinkles, it's been pretty freakin' great.

I mean, if I'm being honest, a lot of it's looked like this:
Super romantic, right? Laying in bed, me watching New Girl and him playing games on the iPad. To be fair, this was before we had cable, so now, we sit on the couch.... while I watch New Girl and he plays on the iPad.

Being almost-married to a teacher is no joke. Obviously, living with one isn't nearly as hard as actually being one, but it ain't easy, man. There are days where he doesn't get home until 6 o'clock... on Tuesday, he didn't get home until almost 7:30. The instructional day ends at 3:30, you remember. When he does get home, he's obviously exhausted. We make dinner, watch an episode of The Newsroom, and go to bed before 11pm. All of you people who have been married/living with your people forever are like "...yeah, so?" but for me, it's taking some getting used to.

Of course, that doesn't mean that I regret us moving in together. This is what we've always been looking forward to, and I couldn't be more thankful. Coming home to him every day (or being at home when he gets home) is the coolest thing in the world.

There are other perks, too:
- I always have someone to put lotion on the places I can't reach, like my back.
- I always have someone to try new recipes on (because I know Garrett will eat anything.
- I have an excuse to actually TRY new recipes.
- If I buy a bag of candy and it all disappears in 24 hours, there's someone to share the blame with.
- There's always someone to watch movies with.
- There's always someone to fix whatever household item I broke.
- Garrett always makes the coffee in the morning.
- Also, he always makes breakfast on the weekends.
- I have someone to proofread blog posts/bounce ideas off of.
- Unlimited back scratches.
- Also unlimited snuggles.

But there are downsides:
- There's someone to judge the things I DVR. "Do you need all these episodes of The Real World?" YES. YES I DO.
- I have to share my candy.
- Laundry accumulates much faster.
- So do dirty dishes.
- Garrett talks in his sleep.
- And he steals my pillows.
- And last night, he hit me. In his sleep. (not hard. and it was an accident, of course.)
- I think that's it.

I think the positives DEFINITELY outweigh the negatives, don't you? Moving in together was pretty much the best thing I ever did. Besides agreeing to go on a date with him. And starting this blog. And getting an apartment with a balcony. And starting New Girl on Netflix. But mostly the moving in thing, for sure.

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Lauren said...

But really, New Girl is the best decision ever because Schmidt makes everything more hilarious. But I guess living with boys is cool too, except the pillow stealing. My husband does that too so I yank it out from under his head. Such a sweet wife.

brooke lyn said...

but for reals. how do boys dirty more clothes than girls?!

Leslie said...

Ummm you should definitely go read my post today.. Apparently great minds think alike haha! And I'm pretty sure unlimited snuggles is my favorite thing ever. Christian has recently started snoring and that will not be acceptable so I'm hoping its a cold! or he will be wearing those snoring strips on his nose for the rest of forever hahaha.

Tori said...

Spencer hit me in his sleep the other night too! Full out came down on me with an elbow. So I'm petitioning for a bigger bed :)

Kerry @ Till Then Smile Often said...

Unlimited snuggles are the best. Plus guys can normally reach higher than we can so getting stuff from the top shelf is a bonus!

Kate @ Another Clean Slate said...

Haha Joe always hits me in his sleep. They must have some pretty crazy dreams. Glad it is going well!

Tracie Everyday said...

Snoring is the worst! I also hate how the bathroom gets dirtier even more quickly... and I always clean it, becuase you cleaned your bath before whats the difference now? Uh, the diff? Your lifting the lid to pee and it splashing.

Rachel said...

This post is pretty much my life


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