Thursday, September 5, 2013

The totally (un)endorsed, (un)official, totally legit guide to gchat.

Now that summer is over and everyone is settling back into their routines, I have a feeling everyone is going to hop back on the gchat train to make the day go a little faster. Before we start doing that, let's establish some gchatting ground rules, shall we? Yes, we shall.

Don't start with "hi" or the receivers name. Just start talking. I'm already signed in to chat, so I'm super ready to hear what you have to say.

Really, just get rid of ALL the pleasantries. Gchatting is for the efficient. Don't waste time saying "hi" or "bye" or "okay great!" Maybe it's just me, but once we've had a conversation, and I say "okay thanks" or whatever to close the conversation, you don't need to send "you're welcome, have a great day!" or "okay, bye!" back. It's over. Just end it, man! It's fine! Really! Really.

Don't tell stories 
in short, fragmented sentences
you are not a poet
and it's just really annoying. Just because it's online chatting doesn't mean that the rules of grammar and sentence structure fly out the window. Also, this is not The Odyssey. You are not Homer, and this isn't an epic novel. Just talk like normal. Really. It's fine.

Don't send someone several different links in a row. You just sent me four things. They're all great and hilarious, but am I still supposed to respond to the first one? In order? Reverse order? Now I'm stressed and kind of annoyed, and it's all your fault.

Don't bash your job. This seems like a no brainer, but seriously, if you're gchatting at work, DO NAHT talk about your boss, your job, or any assignment you have to do that you hate. Because someone WILL find out. And then you'll get in trouble. And that's not fun for anyone.

For the love of all things holy, do NOT keep asking someone "what are you doing?" This is seriously my biggest pet peeve. If we're talking, and I'm doing something, and it's cool enough that I want to tell you all about it, I will. And if you didn't have anything you wanted to talk to ME about, why'd you chat me in the first place?

Are there any gchat behaviors that you absolutely hate? Tell me all about them.

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*only slightly official
*okay, it's only official in my own mind.


Kate @ Another Clean Slate said...

My gchat is consistently open and I have ongoing conversations throughout the day/week. Definitely helps the day go by. Love your rules! Going to put them as my gchat away message (which I usually never use).

Anonymous said...

I must not be on the times.... What is GChat and how do you get it?! lol

He Calls Me Grace said...

I'm out of the loop! Is that through g+? I've never used it. I try to avoid g+ if I can lol

Jazz Mancia said...

Lit. have never ever used gchat and wouldn't know how too, but I am SO the person who would accidentally talk shit to my boss or something.

Kathy @ Vodka and Soda said...

i use gchat at work because the vendors dont have access to our internal IM and i'm all bidness. i start out with "hey..." and then proceed to ask/demand shit LOL

Vodka and Soda


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