Friday, October 25, 2013

Say what now?

I've decided to rework my Weekly Roundups (again). I know a few people like them (Kate, you're the best!), and I enjoy doing them, but they never get as much action as other posts, so hopefully I can make them more interesting or appealing or whatever.

In case you had forgotten how awful Leann Rimes was, she posted a helpful reminder on Twitter on Tuesday:
Hahahaha right? Because adultery is HILARIOUS!
Here's what: I think it's wildly unfair that in cheating situations, the woman takes a lot more heat than the man does. I also don't think cheaters are all bad people JUST because they cheated. But this is straight up unacceptable. Bragging about how you're a homewrecker? Joking about how you broke up a home when there are children involved is just BEYOND. Also, why does she feel like she needs to keep reminding us she had an affair? Is it because it's she knows she's been irrelevant for a few years now? I think it might be.

I love North Carolina, but it's becoming harder and harder to defend this fabulous state.
On The Daily Show on Wednesday night, Don Yelton, a Republican strategist and self-proclaimed bigot, defended the Voter ID law that is supposed to be enacted in 2016 by saying that it's not racist, the main purpose is to "kick Democrats in the butt!" Thanks for explaining that Don, now I feel a lot better.
But did my main homie Don stop there? Nooooooo sir! He went on to say that it wasn't fair that black people got to say the N Word and white people don't, he's not racist because HE HAS A BLACK FRIEND, and he said that the witch doctor picture he posted on his Facebook was making fun of President Obama's "white half, not his black half." 
Here's what: It is astonishing that people still think saying things like this on national television is okay. Also, it'll be interesting to see how this plays out in North Carolina. So far, Republicans have been able to hide under the "but what about FRAUD?" umbrella, but my main homie Don absolutely admitted that it's to hurt college students, lazy blacks, and the democrats, thus ruining any legitimacy the law COULD have had. 
Update: as of this morning, the Buncombe County GOP has forced him to resign. Good job, my friends. 

Have you ever worried that the Internet is taking up too much of your time?
So on average, people spend 100 minutes on the internet each day. When you spend those 100 minutes a day, that means you're losing 27 minutes of work time, 29 minutes of leisure time, and 12 minutes of sleep. 
Here's what: I would argue that throughout the day, there would probably be 27 minutes that you weren't being work-productive anyway, and most people use the internet as part of their leisure time, so I'm not sure I would count that as "lost" time.
I would ALSO argue that just because you're on the internet doesn't mean you're not working or getting other things done, you know? It's totally common for people to have gchat or Twitter open while they're working, because neither of those things require 100% concentration. 
Either way, the only thing I thought when I read this study was "......only 100 minutes a day?"
The entire study is here but it costs $$ to download. The Washington Post's breakdown is here.

What do you think of this new format? I think I'm into it so far.

Happy Friday!

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voyageofthemeemee said...

I thought the same thing as you did... "Only 100 minutes?" Pfffft.

Kate @ Another Clean Slate said...

Fun new format! I definitely am on more than 100 minutes a day. Plus I use it for work. So I am basically permanently attached to a computer.

Treasure Tromp said...

my jaw dropped when I watched that interview yesterday. I cannot with that man.

Stevie C said...

Duh. I love everything you do.

Seriously though - I love these roundups. You always find stuff I haven't seen!


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