Thursday, June 6, 2013

Irvester Award

As if my ego wasn't already inflated enough after Adriana nominated me for a Leibster Award a few weeks ago, last week, Kristin (who is wonderful, by the way) nominated me for the Ivrester Award!!!!

And really, I'm honored. I mean, you people have never met me, but you know that I don't mess around when it comes to my spirits.
I think that means I'm definitely doing something right, yes?

The Rules:
Acknowledge who nominated you
Answer the 10 questions listed below 
Nominate 10 bloggers you think are excellent drinkers. You can't nominate the blog that nominated you 

The Questions:
1. What is your favorite drinking game and why? A lot of people hate it, but I just love Circle of Death. Mostly because I love the Never Have I Ever part. Even though I'm always out super fast. Whatever. 

2. It is your birthday, what is your idea of the perfect evening? Ideally, my birthday would alway be on a Saturday. It would start with mimosas in the morning, champagne in the afternoon, and cocktails with my friends at a fancy bar at night! 

3. Money is no object, what is your go to drink of choice at a bar? Hands down, a Blackbird Julep from this cocktail place in Winston-Salem. IT IS SO GOOD I COULD DIE. 
Can you IMAGINE? I promise, everyone that comes to visit me, I'll take you here!!! For one drink, of course. Then it's $2 PBR the rest of the night. #balleronabudget

4. How many times have you played the game "Edward 40 Hands"? Uh, never. Oh lawd. I think I would die.

5. Take this alcohol screening quiz here, what score did you receive? Only 20% and I think it's REALLY unfair that they accused me of being an alcoholic. I mean really. REALLY THOUGH.

6. What is your favorite memory with Alcohol? Honestly, I couldn't tell you, as there are very few times that I drink for the sole purpose of drinking. But here's a story: one of the first weekends I ever spent with Garrett, we went over to some of his friends house to watch the UNC basketball game. We got an 18 pack of PBR (don't worry, the house was within walking distance!), and we each drank nine. Garrett (and all of his friends) were super impressed that I could keep up with him... he SAYS that's when he fell in love with me, but whooooo knows. =)

7. What is your favorite song about drinking? Or song to drink to? 'Say Ahhh' by Trey Songz. 0% sorry about it.

8. What is your favorite activity to do while drinking (i.e. boating, bowling, golf, trivia, etc.) Apples to Apples and Cards Against Humanity, definitely. They're fun and engaging, but you can still talk to your friends and have time to drink while you play. Also, the answers get funnier as the night goes on. (I've had way too many spilled drinks during Catchphrase.)

9. In your opinion, which is the number one party school in the country and why? Rumor has it that it's WVU. My friends that attended WVU agree.

10. When do you know you have had too much to drink? What are your signals? I get loud. I mean, I'm loud all the time. But if I'm drunk enough, I am LOUD. And animated. And I usually start knocking things over.

The Noms: 
1. Stevie
2. Leslie
5. Kate
6. Alyssa
7. Jenna
8. Dani
9. Emily
10. Rachel

And since I just can't get enough of that fabulous Kristin, I'm also linking up for Thirsty Thursday!!! 
Hopelessly Ever After

And finally as a bonus: here are my favorite drinking relates gifs, because why not?


Kristin said...

Haha. I love this!! And supposedly Mike fell in love with me because I could drink, too. lol. The screening test called me an alcoholic. But I had a 45%. lol. Oh well...cheers to that!!

Alyssa said...

Thank you so much for nominating me–I'm so flattered! ;) (although you may be disappointed to hear that I'm probably not as great with my booze as you think I am haha lightweight over here!) And that cocktail sounds INCREDIBLE! I totally want to recreate it!

Rachel said...

haha this is hilarious! Thanks for nominating me- if I have time, I will put this up!

Lauren said...

I need that drink in my life immediately! And Apples to Apples is more fun, the more you drink!

Lauren said...

PS - I also finally responded to your Liebster questions!

Adriana said...

GIRLFRIEND. I was about to nominate you! haha again- we're meant to be

Leslie said...

Umm circle of death is my favorite, too! I also nominated you on Tuesday and forgot to tell you because I'm super with it like that... so this worked out perfectly!!


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