Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday Currently

In news that will surprise everyone no one, I am completely obsessed with (and attached to) this dog. He is wonderful and sweet and playful and such a good dog. Gah. I love him.

Reading The Great Gatsby... we saw it last week (and thought it was really good) so I wanted to reread the book. 
Writing some posts, and going over my blog calendar for the next two weeks!
Listening Love It or List It, and the dog chew on one of his bones that I bought for him. See, it's starting already.
Drinking coffee, as always.
Feeling a little gross and sweaty. It's hot outside, man.

This one is short because there isn't really much going on around here today. I kinda love it.

Happy Sunday!!!!


Meg said...

So did you get to keep your little buddy??? I hope you do!!! I need to reread Gatsby as well - we saw it a couple weeks ago, and I feel like I will appreciate everything more now than I did as a 16 year old who didn't care haha

Meg said...

Hit send too soon! I'm also listening to Love It or List It! I just want to know if they depict all these families to be jerks or if they just film it that way? Also, it seems like Hilary makes changes ALL THE TIME without telling them first, so maybe that adds to it!

siddathornton said...

look at that sweet puppy! and i'm with you on the feeling gross & sweaty. i'm pretty sure today was the most humid day we've had here in wilmington since we moved here. YUCK. i even showered in the middle of the day.

Anonymous said...

"The Great Gatsby" is my all-time favorite book. Watch the 1974 movie with Robert Redford sometime, it's wonderful.


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