Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Perceptions and The Internet

I'm pretty proud of how I've gotten this blog off the ground, and established a small, but very solid following in just three months. But growing your blog comes with some growing pains, right? 

I think a lot about how I come across on the internet. Maybe more than a healthy amount. I always forget that my friends in the blog world are people who have never met me in real life.. it's crazy!! Because we've never met each other, it's easy to misinterpret things that you read. 

I worry about coming off as pretentious or a know-it-all. 
I'm not so cocky that I think I have a ton of things to "teach" you, because I already think you're all so very awesome. But: I love sharing things with you guys. I love sharing new recipes or products or clothes or blogging things that I've learned, but I don't ever want to sound pretentious or fake. I think of my blog as another way to talk to my friends... I would call my friends and tell them about a new recipe that I love.... in that same way, I'll post it on my blog. Does that make sense? If I ever start to sound like a pretentious douchewaffle, you have my full permission to tell me, okay?! 

I worry that when people meet me, they'll say "wow, you're so different in person than you are on your blog."
I try to keep it real. The problem here is that in real life, I have a pretty huge personality. I'm loud. I'm kind of obnoxious. I curse sometimes. (Sorry, Mom.) I try to keep it toned down on my blog because I want it to be pretty universally appealing (and family-friendly), while maintaining my own voice. So far, this hasn't been a problem, but you never know, you know? (I'm sure that Garrett would tell me if I started sounding ridiculous. Right, babe?) 

I worry about being TOO positive. 
I talk about this in-depth in this post, but I've mentioned before that I try really, really hard to always look for the good in the world, and I want that positivity to carry over into my blog. But I don't ever want you to think that I think my life is perfect. It's far, far from it. The way I see it, there's more than enough negativity floating around all the time, right? All I can do control what I put into the universe, and I choose positivity. But please know that I have my issues just like everyone else. I don't ever want to be so happy and positive that I stop being "real." 

I worry about people liking me.
We all want to be liked, whether we're willing to admit it or not. I'm so humbled every time someone says "I love your blog!" because truly: it's ASTOUNDING to me that people think I'm cool enough to start reading my blog, and then more impressively: they keep reading!!! It's craziness! 

I worry about being a "sellout."
I have a couple sponsored posts coming up that I'm REALLY excited about. They're both products that I've used for a while, so when the opportunity to talk about them on my blog came up, I was pretty excited! I want my blog to maintain MY voice, but, you know, it's nice to have someone throw you some money for blogging occasionally, right? Right. I promise to only review things that I have strong feelings about, and I promise to keep them sporadic, so you never feel like I've turned into a sellout blogger who only posts products. (Same goes for giveaways and linkups.) Everything in moderation, right?

I'm not the only one who worries about these things, right? RIGHT? 
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Jenn said...

im right there with you, my blog has been a slow process but its coming !
Jenn @ hello-gutentag

Meg said...

Trust me, you aren't the only one that worries, and you can take two of those things off your list because you do not come off as a know-it-all and I certainly like you ;)

Rachel said...

I think a lot of bloggers can relate to this, too. I always worry people will think I'm in love with myself, too. Which is far from the truth, and it makes me laugh! I post stuff about my life and photos of my outfits because my readers LIKE it, and I like it, too. Think of it this way- people are reading your blog. Therefore, they are interested in you. So you ARE important and you should feel that way :)

Lauren said...

Yup, I can totally relate. People say to write how you talk but I talk fast and in run-on sentences and who wants to read that? No one! I worry about everything. All the time, in all aspects of life. Well said!

Yammering Yankee said...

I am right there with you I worry about all of that all the time when it comes to my blog. I especially worry about being taken out of context since nobody in bloggerland has ever met me lol.

Another Clean Slate said...

I worry about the same things- and about whether or not people in my real life who find it are mocking me...

Adriana said...

1. you're totally not a know it all. I'm obsessed with your blog and you know it. and I would tell you if you were being a douchewaffle.

2. deciding to swear on my blog was an issue for a bit. I still get nervous about it but you seem like one of the realist bloggers I read, so you're good.

3. you're adorable. everyone has shit going on. I use my blog to focus on good things since I love blogging so much. Don't feel like you have to be a Debbie Downer just cuz you don't wanna seem like you're a princess.

4. as I said. I'm obsessed with you and your blog and we are going to be best friends all the time.

5. I think one of the coolest parts about blogging is the opportunities you get from it. do reviews, promote products, sell ads. if you believe in the products, I prob will too and I wanna hear about them!!

that said, I worry about all that stuff too. I want to be me and do what I want but it's obv not always that easy. you're awesome and I think you're doing an incredible job with this bloggy blog of yours :)

brooke lyn said...

my guess is that you're 'blog voice' is very similar to how you actually are in real life, so no need to worry mah lady!

lovetaleofthehyena said...

don't worry Bird, if you ever become the captain of the douchecanoe or start sounding ridiculous (read: any more ridiculous than normal) I will be the first to present you with all the information.

Kristine said...

Jumping over from the guest post you did Dog Hair is an Accessory! And I say "fuck" a lot too... Not even ashamed. I speak my mind ;)

Ginny @ Buttergirl Diaries said...

Hey Alysssa, I liked when you said it is just another way to talk to your friends. So true. It's just an avenue to communicate. But the thing is, you get to do whatever it is on your blog. Your blog is your own little corner of the web where you get to say what you mean and mean what you say. It's different than fb and twitter where you are shoving your opinions in everyones face. Here its different. We aren't judging when we come to your blog. We come because we want to get to know you better and to learn and relate to you! Thats what i'm here for! You are cute as a button and I really like your blog!

I'll be surfing your archives today along with a latte:)



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