Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Engaged or Enraged: a Linkup!

So, when Stevie told me about this linkup that she and Brooklyn had concocted, obviously I knew I had to get in on it.

1. What was the funniest moment you have had while planning your wedding? We haven't really had any crazy hilarious moments, to be honest. We HAVE had a lot of people call us a "charming couple," which is hilarious because we're haters most of the time.

2. What is your favorite thing about your fiance/husband? My favorite thing about Garrett is how much he values his family, and I'm really freakin' excited for us to have our own family soon. It also helps that he does the dishes. 

3. What was the most stressful part of planning a wedding? Wait - by "stressful" you mean "most annoying" right? Because all of the OPINIONS just put me over the edge. Everyone has an opinion. And not even about the bigger stuff. It's the little stuff that I wasn't expecting. Example: one day I got an anonymous message on Tumblr from someone saying that they hoped my wedding dress wasn't strapless because "strapless dresses are slutty." I'm sorry, what? a) based on what? and b) we're slut-shaming brides now? Seriously? Oh okay.

4. What is your favorite personal detail from your wedding? I'm keeping it a secret, but there's one detail that I'm incorporating into my wedding that I'm SO excited about it is ridiculous. 

5. What was your favorite part about planning a wedding? I really like attention, so being the bride is really good for that. Also, there's always something to talk about when you're planning a wedding. If you're with people you don't know that well and the conversation is starting to lull, you can always be like "I just did this wedding related activity" and boom! instant conversation.

6. What would your fiancé/husband say is his favorite thing about you? I'm going to pass the computer over to him so he can answer one. "My favorite thing about Alyssa is the fact that I did not have to change who I was to get her attention. She has accepted me for who I really am and not for who she thinks I should be. Loving me for who I am, with all that it entails, is my favorite thing about my future wife."

I will share this, though. A story affectionately titled "How to nail down a Rehearsal Dinner venue, a timeline:"
   Thursday, 10am: Email location, ask for tour the next day (Friday)
   Thursday, 4:30pm: Receive email response saying “Sorry, been busy. Still want to come by today?"
   Thursday, 4:32pm: Respond to message with “No, as I said already, we would like to come by  tomorrow." Hope she senses your disapproval and frustration through your clipped responses. (Doubtful.)
   Thursday night: No response
   Friday: No response
   Saturday: No response
   Sunday: No response
   Monday: No response
   Tuesday morning: Receive email response saying “Sorry, forgot to email you back. When would you like to come by? Let me know!"

People. They kill me. 

Also, this is my 100th post on this cute little blog of mine! Isn't that fun?!

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Stevie C said...

You're adorable! Thanks for linking up :-)

Anonymous said...

This is really cute. I do my "Tying the Knot Tuesday" and was thinking today about doing a link up asking questions. How fun!

Yammering Yankee said...

I swear the only reason I keep Steve around is to do the dishes lol

Brooklyn McKenna said...

Thanks for linking up ! I'm so glad I found you! I was just thinking today about how great a wedding is for small talk. Whenever things get awkward silency I just throw out like "So I was looking at my venue yesterday..." or "My fiance and I are trying to decide what song to dance to!" Instant friends.

brooke lyn said...

eurrrrrbody thinks they know best. when they don't know shit! i mean, yay friends reference!

Tracie Everyday said...

bahaha! I love how honest you are! I am also planning my wedding and sometimes I just want to say, "I get your wedding was pre-Pinterest, so therefore not awesome, but back off my shit."

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

Thank you this made me smile and remember my wedding which was way back when........lol

Lauren said...

You will get so much unsolicited advice - just be ready! (Wait, was that unsolicited advice? Damn, sorry.)

So, are you going to give that restaurant a chance to redeem itself?


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