Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Why I Am Undoubtedly Still a Child

So last week, I told you all about how I know I'm an adult now.

But that's gross. I'm not REALLY an adult. And here's how I know:

I still say "that's what she said." All the time. And I see zero reason to stop ever. And I'm not sorry about it.

I really, really enjoy glitter fingernail polish. And bright blue fingernail polish. The same colors that I liked when I was eight. I don't know what I'd do if I ever had to work in a "professional office environment." It would be the worst.

I still eat the batter when I'm baking. I always try to sneak it, even if I'm home alone. Salmonella? Come at me, bro.

I still call people to kill my spiders for me. Sometime, ask Kyle about how I had him DRIVE to my apartment because I trapped a ginormous spider in my kitchen and was too afraid to squash it myself. Really, it's a good story.

This picture of a case of PBR in a carseat pretty much speaks for itself, right? 

I still eat like a little kid. No lie, one day when I was buying groceries, the cashier asked me if I had kids. I was confused until I looked down at my cart and saw box mac&cheese, Chef Boyardee, frozen pizzas, the whole nine yards. Embarrassing. (BONUS: I still drink a lot of milk, too.)

So really, I guess I can go to sleep tonight knowing that despite my ~maturity~ and all that crap, I'm still just a little kid at heart. I like that better. Don't you?
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Another Clean Slate said...

Ha! Your grocery cart sounds identical to mine... I love all these things too. Definitely still a kid at heart in a lot of ways :)

Yammering Yankee said...

Umm you drink Son of A Peach annnnnnnnnd PBR....I swear the stars have aligned and we are meant to be lol!

Anonymous said...

MAC AND CHEESE PLEASE! That's what she said is my favorite! I love saying it at the most inappropriate times!

brooke lyn said...

and now i want kraft mac n' cheese. the shapes kind of course.

Anonymous said...

Listen, when I lived by myself because my husband was stationed away from me I ate Spaghettios and grilled cheese like EVERY NIGHT! And even now as a high school teacher, sometimes I sit and wonder why anyone trusts me to be in charge of a bunch of 17year olds! HAHA

Meg said...

Ummm yeah, like all of these are me... I am so glad glitter nail polish is back in side, I missed it so much through college haha. My favorite meal ever is mac and cheese and I looooove batter!!

Carly @ The Pinot Project said...

That's what she said will always be appropriate, and are there really people who not eat batter when they are baking?

I just ate hot dogs and macaroni and cheese for dinner and it was amazing.


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