Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Professional Blogger? Duh.

Last week, I was happily bopping around the internet, when I came across an article called "Hey Lifestyle Goddess, Get Off My Internets." You can read the full article here if you want, but it's just a pretty short article about Get Off My Internets, which is essentially the Burn Book of the Blogosphere. I've never really put much stock into GOMI. it's pissed a lot of people off, but I figure... everyone isn't going to like you all the time. According to The Cultureist, there are approximately 2.5 BILLION people that use the internet. The chances of at least one of those 2.5 billion people hating your guts is pretty high, right? Sooooo, you know. Get over it and stuff.

Anyway, this post wasn't even supposed to be about GOMI, or that article. It's supposed to be about a comment someone made in reference to us lifestyle bloggers. This comment, specifically:

"I mean, it's ludicrous that this is an industry. These are people keeping online diaries. The writing for the most part is atrocious and the attitude they throw around is hilarious. They. Are. Not. Celebrities except in their own circle and their own mind."

At first, I rolled my eyes. Then I giggled, because it's kind of true. I mean, what does it mean to be a celebrity... on the internet? You probably wouldn't put it on your resume (although I know one guy who does. and it REALLY makes me laugh.) even though it's something that you obviously spend a lot of time on. 

And then after the eye rolls and the giggles, I really started thinking. Blogging IS ridiculous. But I can't imagine my life without it. At all. And this is why:

1) It magnifies the good parts of my life and the things that I like about myself. I've discovered so many things about myself since I started blogging because I take the time to sit and write about them. Really revolutionary, I know.  

2) It also magnifies the crappy things and helps keep me accountable. There's nothing like self-reflection to give you a kick in the pants sometimes, right?

3) When you have a blog, you're never alone, ever. I wrote a whole post about why blog friends are the best kind of friends here, but really, they are tops. If I want someone to gchat with, or someone to watch the Real Housewives with, there's always someone on Twitter ready to gab with you. This is especially beneficial to those of us with boyfriends/husbands who just cannot POSSIBLY listen to another Real Housewives dinner party. 

4) It's a constant self esteem boost. Most of the bloggers I know are pretty down-to-earth women. It's why I love them. But we all love having our ego stroked sometimes, right? It feels pretty freakin' good to come home to ten new comments on your blog. You know it's true.

5) There are always people around to give you outfit/work/relationship advice. Bloggers are smart, yo. Listen to them. 

6) It helps you examine everything more critically. I notice so many more of the "little things" now that I have a blog. Content really is all around you, and once you start paying attention to it, you notice everythingggggggg.

7) Occasionally, it pays you. I got paid once to talk about nail polish. NAIL POLISH. Something I would have talked about anyway. It is the best thing ever.

8) Obviously, it's a journal you'll be able to look at in the future. At the very least, it'll give you a good laugh when you look back in ten years and see that your biggest problem one Tuesday was that your favorite waiter at your favorite sushi place quit mid-shift. Wait, that's only happened to me? Oh. Anyway, even though I wouldn't want anyone ELSE going through my blog archives, I'm glad I have them to look back on. And laugh at. 

So there you have it. Blogging is the most ridiculous, most time-consuming, most laughable thing that I do, and I wouldn't change a thing about it.

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Check out one of the sweetest (literally! get it?) bloggers I know, Leslie!


brooke lyn said...

if you don't like my online diary of my celeb lifestyle then don't read it ;)

Veronica Lee Burns said...

Good post, I agree!

Kelly Louise said...

i love the comment that person left because it's hilarious how upset they are about something that has nothing to do with them. unless they have a blog that zero people read.

Anonymous said...

These things really are true! Great post girl!

Kate @ Another Clean Slate said...

Awww yay! Love this :) And you're so right about it all.

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

Could I be a professional blogger........nope I am to much a scatter brain, and have little follow through which maybe why I am so fat and boring.......note I do not get bored but I think others think I am boring because I don't do exciting things like rob banks, or service stations, or commit murder why because I chicken least I don't smell like chicken shit although I do smell at times like just before I bathe or after I have exercised......hang on there I don't want people to know I exercise so let's pretend I didn't say that........right........ok I forgot what this comment was going to be so I am just leaving now.......bye

Treasure Tromp said...

lifestyle blogging IS kind of weird. BUT I totally agree with you, especially about how you're never alone, and it serves as a nice record of your past (even if I hate reading those early posts)

John Smith said...

You are absolutely right, but i think it is not the blog writing it is only the writing which makes you aware of you. Whenever we starts writing we always consider something about us and within us to express. Which makes us aware of who we are as a person.


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